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Lorenz Gallery: Art By Annette (www.lorenzgallery.com)
Lorenz Gallery: Art By Annette (Explore on www.lorezgallery.com)

Annette was born on March 26th 1949 and sadly passed away at the age of 64 during the summer of 2013. She always loved art, and found it to be a wonderful way of expressing her feelings. Drawing was the easiest way to do this.

She came from a family of 3, and was a truly loving daughter, supporting and caring for her mother until the end. She had a very close relationship with all of her family and was greatly loved by her nieces and nephews. In return Annette offered her time generously without thought for herself.

She lived her whole life in London, preferring city life to that of any other. London afforded Annette the luxury of access to the most modern and exciting trends.

A large number of her pieces were produced during the 1970’s when pop culture was exploding, and women’s rights were truly evolving. Her drawings cover a wide spectrum from loving relationships, to the destruction of humanity and the world. She tried to show the reality of war, using art to expose the conflict happening in Vietnam which most people in Europe tried to ignore. The Vietnam War was protracted and bloody, but thankfully peace was restored, and Annette’s art reflected this more gentle return to normality.

Although Annette never had any formal training as an artist, she still nurtured her talent . Annette toyed with a variety of styles, using different mediums, although it would seem that the simple tools of pencil and paper were what she truly favoured.

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